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Fundraise Like a Cheerleader

Young men and women who choose to dedicate their time and energy to cheer are some of the hardest working teens and pre-teens around. From the moment somebody decides to become a cheerleader, the work never ends. The list of duties goes on and on: practice, games, competitions, cheer camp, boosting school spirit, planning dances, etc. One of the most important things to realize when it comes to joining the cheer squad is how expensive it all is!

That is where a cheerleading fundraiser with Believe Kids kicks in! We know that when it comes to fundraising, cheerleaders will need to be selling a product that people actually want to buy. That is why we have a wide variety of fundraising programs, and an even broader selection of products. From cookie dough and magazines to custom prints and flowers – our fundraising ideas have you covered!

When you partner with Believe Kids Fundraising you will get unbeatable product pricing. You can compare our fundraisers to our competitors, or even compare product pricing to large chain stores on our website. You’ll be amazed at the quality products your squad will be able to sell, for an unbeatable price.

As an added bonus we have a special prize package, which is perfect for cheer squads (or any team really)! Just for running a fundraiser through Believe Kids, you will have the option to select the 2% back on your invoice as a part of your fundraising package. This money can go back to the girls directly, or as a coach you can apply this money to a squad bonding event as a reward for their hard work!

Money back isn’t the only incentive for working with Believe Kids! We make fundraising easy with our awesome customer service, online fundraising options, and our amazing sign-on bonuses. Think of everything you could do with the money!

From summer camp to nationals, a fundraiser with Believe Kids will help reduce the costs of cheer for your team dramatically. Does this fundraiser sound like a perfect fit for your cheer squad? Contact us today, and we will get you set up with some FREE fundraiser samples.

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