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3 Creative Ways to Fundraise with Technology:

Promotion is one of the best ways to ensure a successful school fundraising campaign, but it is easy to dread the idea of helping your child promote their school fundraiser. Technology helps make promoting your fundraiser simple! Check out these unique and creative ways to promote your next fundraiser using technology, and watch your fundraiser succeed!

Email: Email is one of the fastest and most direct ways to get the word out about your fundraiser. Ask the principal to send emails to parents, teachers and the surrounding community. Encourage students to email and family friends and relatives to garner support for the fundraiser. With our online support, it is easier than ever to fundraise!

Website: Use your school website to promote the fundraiser. Talk to your webmaster and ask him/her to announce the fundraiser on the front page of your school website. If  your school has a tech savvy employee, you can go above and beyond to create a blog dedicated to the fundraiser with access on your school's website.

Social Media: Remember online social networks. If your school has a Facebook  or Twitter page, think about using it to promote your fundraiser. Also encourage students and parents with these accounts to talk about the fundraiser on their pages.

At Believe Kids, we want to see every student in every school fundraiser succeed. We are dedicated to helping schools and their staff, students, and parents to fundraising success. For more information about how you can bring a Believe Kids fundraiser to your school, CLICK HERE. If you would like to contact us for more information, CLICK HERE